Double GDP

Product Features

DoubleGDP for Planned Communities.

DoubleGDP has purpose-built solutions to help your planned community shine.

  1. Market and Sell Property - collaborative CRM tools give your team a 360 view of every sales prospect.
  2. Simplified Gate Access - streamline gate flow to improve resident & visitor experience without sacrificing safety.
  3. Communication Hub – connect with your residents, share news and updates.
  4. Integrated Productivity Tools – simplify back office processes with tasks and comments.
  5. Work Order Management - resolve basic and emergency incidents with speed and transparency.
  6. Payments - convenient digital payment options for resident service fees and more.
  7. Amenity Booking - increase resident satisfaction and reduce administrative burden of scheduling.

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Market and Sell Property

Simplified Gate Access

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Communication Hub

Integrated Productivity Tools

Work Order Management


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Amenity Booking