Double GDP

Approach / Platform

An End-to-End Platform for New Cities

At DoubleGDP, we’re building an end-to-end platform for new cities to connect with residents, accelerate growth and deliver responsive public services.

Our platform makes municipal and community services more efficient, accountable, adaptable and responsive.

It makes frequently used services processes more easily repeatable - so they’re far more efficient and more equitable.

It makes the results of services measurable - so they’re accountable to residents’ expectations.

It offers easy-to-use communication tools so residents and businesses can provide feedback and feel heard.

Our platform is built on the following battle tested technologies:

  • Our backend is built on Ruby on Rails
  • We use React as the User Interface library
  • We use PostgreSQL as our database
  • We use GraphQL as our data query language between the backend and the frontend

DoubleGDP Platform

  1. Mobile-First Web Portal
  2. Resident Engagement Platform
  3. Digital Marketing Platform
  4. Sales & Support Platform
  5. City Management Platform

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